With a variety of cannabis concentrates, finding the purest one is a priority for both medical and recreational cannabis users. While other concentrated cannabis products like shatter, pre-filled vape pens, and wax are still in demand, rosin has the perks that make it so special. Read on to learn why most people choose this cannabis concentrate and where you can buy weed online from a Canada weed dispensary, including edibles, phoenix tears and concentrates such as rosin.

What is Rosin?

Also known as solventless hash oil (SHO), rosin is a pure cannabis concentrate that has an increased terpene and cannabinoid concentration. It’s made through an extraction method that involves releasing resin from different marijuana products, including hash, dry sift kief, shake, and flowers.

The production process for this SHOprocess utilizes a combination of immense pressure and high heat to produce a solventless cannabis concentrate. The process produces a potent cannabis concentrate that has been proven to boast a number of perks.

One of the biggest perks is the possibility of changing the concentrate into different consistencies and textures, including crumble, wax, and shatter.

 Other perks of SHO include:

  •         Solvent-free 
  •         Rosin is absolutely safe so there’s no risk of serious bodily harm, ignition, or explosion during production 
  •         By cannabinoid percentage, SHO is as powerful as BHO and other concentrates, according to a scientific review.
  •         Terpene preservation is extremely high as it’s typically extracted from top quality materials.
  •         The potency of SHO can go up to 80% – 90% while the flower’s potential is about 30%.

With all of these benefits, the next question to ask is why haven’t you tried this healthier, popular concentrate option yet? 

While edibles take a bit longer time to make at home, the process for producing rosin is a bit more simpler. So simple, in fact, that you can do it at home with a hair straightener and some of your own weed! However, if you want something truly tasty and elevated, you’ll be better off purchasing it from professionals from a Canada weed dispensary. 

What is a Rosin Press?

While other extraction methods involve using potentially dangerous and combustible solvents like propane or butane, as in BHO, rosin creation is performed by a special machine press, which heats cannabis to a moderately high temperature. Pressing cannabis to produce SHO has been recognized as an ideal extraction method option thanks to its safety and non-use of dangerous chemical solvents.

In general, there are two ways to make SHO. The first one is a DIY method that involves a hair straightener while the second one is more professional and involves the use of something known as a  rosin press. This press is a machine press designed to extract the weed’s cannabinoids and terpenes through intense pressure and heat.

Unlike hair straighteners that lack in consistency, yield, and the amount of final product, a rosin press produces higher quality concentrate. It depends on the model of the press, though. Low-quality presses don’t perform as well as commercial presses.

When talking about presses, it’s critical to know the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Pneumatic SHO presses use air to produce pressure while hydraulic presses use compressed fluids.


Pneumatic presses are leaders in rosin press technology. Although you can make rosin with a hydraulic press, it’s not as reliable and consistent as pneumatic presses. 

How does a rosin press work? The machine features two heated plates, which you should press down onto each other to produce enough pressure to make an extraction. The purity of an extraction greatly depends on the quality of a rosin press. With the latest innovation improvements in press engineering, it’s easier to find a quality press.

What is Shatter? How Is It Different From Rosin?

Shatter is a form of a cannabis extract, which is made by extracting the essential oil of marijuana that contains the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemical compounds. When it comes to appearance and texture, shatter is similar to glass – it’s hard and translucent. It can also be gold or amber depending on how shatter is produced.

The major perk of dabbing shatter is that it helps cannabinoids to enter the blood flow, providing an instantaneous effect. The high potency of shatter allows users to dab, without exposing the lungs to toxic chemicals in the smoke.

Unlike SHO though, shatter is made with various solvents, including ethanol, butane, and liquefied petroleum gases. SHO contains zero solvents and is 100% safe. There’s no chance that you smoke or vape any residual chemicals.

Rosin is gaining in popularity at a great rate as it’s referred to as one of the best non-solvent extracts on the market. Safety, potency, and reasonable price make rosin so special when compared to other cannabis extracts like shatter.


Final Thoughts on Rosin

Whether you’re a newbie to the cannabis scene or an experienced concentrate dabber and smoker, if you haven’t tried solventless rosin, you’re missing out.  

Arguably the healthier option given its lack of butane, ethyl and other solvents used in the production process, rosin is as close to an “authentic” weed experience as possible. Preserving the plant’s original terpenes, cannabinoids and flavour, rosin is the cannabis concentrate of choice for smokers and tokers looking for a solventless alternative to shatter, waxes and dabs. 

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