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CBD Oral Syringe – Nikki Stikki Botanicals (100mg CBD/1mL)


Nikki Botanicals uses only the best available locally sourced ingredients, developed to provide potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. Continas 100mg of CBD per syringe


THC Honey Tears – Mary’s Edibles

$35.00 $31.50
THC Honey Tears contain 600mg THC, 12.7mg CBD, and 10.2mg CBN per 1 ml in an oral syringe package. Start with 1-2 trops under the tongue a few times per day to determine your tolerance level and gradually increase the dosage over time. Typically used to treat things like chronic pain, sleep disorders, cancer, and epilepsy.

CBD Honey 80MG

80 MG CBD CBD Honey is an option for those who want to medicate without the psychoactive effects of THC.
Medicated CBD Honey (Mota)

Medicated CBD Honey (Mota)

Ingredients: Organic Honey and CBD Oil  Order includes 1 Jar (120ml) of CBD(80mg) infused Honey