ForumCategory: Cannabis FlowerWhy do thoughts and feelings before smoking marijuana affect the experience while under the influence of it?
Bryan Dickson asked 2 weeks ago

Before consuming Marijuana do my prior thoughts and feeling affect the experience?

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Weed List Staff answered 2 weeks ago

To set your intention before you consume cannabis, start by taking deep, cleansing breaths until you feel balanced and comfortable. Continue breathing deeply and steadily while you begin to focus your energy on your desired intention. Ex – ‘My intention is to attract financial freedom’. Visualize a conduit of pure, white energy connecting the base of your spine (your taint) to the center of the earth. Visualize the energy entering into your body from the earth with each deep breath you take. When you exhale, visualize that energy moving up through your spine, through your heart and out the top of your head. While doing this exercise visualize your intention as a thought wave gaining density each time you breathe energy into it. When you feel like you’ve breathed enough energy into your thought wave – begin to consume your cannabis. As you inhale the smoke visualize drawing the energy into yourself, just as you had done before. Exhale the smoke and visualize the smoke adding more density to your thought form. For more information please refer to our blog post here: