ForumCategory: GeneralWhen growing cannabis whats better, seeds or clones?
Rafi Gaines asked 2 weeks ago

Should I plant cannabis seeds or clones?

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Weed List Staff answered 2 weeks ago

The experienced grower might have access to clones and this is a faster growing crop, because the plant does not need to go through the germination process. The clone however, is often hard to obtain unless the grower has a mother plant that they have selected for the yield and the strength that the clone will be taken from.

Planting from seed also has choices; first there is the choice of where to get the seeds, from a friend, some that have been saved or from a seed bank. If the choice is a seed bank then there is the decision of what strain will be planted and how much experience it takes to grow this type of cannabis and that the seed bank is reputable. There is also the germination that will need to be done, this can mean the seeds will be placed in paper towels or be placed between damp sponges.

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