ForumCategory: VapingMixing shatter and distillate?
MtlFan 69 asked 2 months ago

So I’m looking to stretch my buck a little bit and was wondering if shatter and distillate could be mixed together. And if so would I have to decarb my wax first if I want to vape it. I know my distillate is already decarbed.

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Weed List Staff answered 2 months ago

You should decarb the wax to activate the THC and so it doesn’t crystalize inside the vape cartridge if you want to vape it. After decarbing they will mix well. Add the wax and the distillate then add the terpenes after if needed. You might not need any. You will be able to tell by seeing how solid it is when cooled.
If you want to just dab the mixture you can just mix them with a little bit of heat and it’s good to go!