ForumCategory: ConcentratesI can’t get the rosin off the parchement paper!
Nick Castillo asked 2 months ago

I just pressed some earlier I can’t grtbit off even with a cold plate I pressed it at a cool temp it’s been curing for 2 hours still won’t come up I’ve tried the freezer too, anyone know any other tricks?

1 Answers
Weed List Staff answered 2 months ago

Take the parchment and roll it into a tube, or fold it into a "V" and let the rosin drip off the parchment into a glass container. You can apply some light heat by placing it into an oven to help the rosin drip down.

Another good trick is to put the parchement onto a cold surface which will freeze up the rosin making it easier to grab as well. Check out this video tutorial to see what I mean: