ForumCategory: ConcentratesHow to store Rosin?
Iki Kolohe Chinchillas asked 2 months ago

Aloha! 🌺 I have a rosin question that I can’t find an answer to… you are the only "weed" site that welcomes suggestions! So say I’ve just done up a big batch of rosin, say 3 months worth. Where should I store it? I live in humid Hawai’i, but I keep my bedroom air conditioned. I’m concerned with it stuck in a glass jar in my storage bin. Does it need to be stored in the dark? What temperature range? How does humidity effect the storage? Aye yi yi, my head is spinning, please make it stop!!

1 Answers
Weed List Staff answered 2 months ago

Just keep it in a sealed container away from sunlight. Keeping in the fridge will be good for long term like a year storage, but 3 months is fine just in a drawer somewhere. It’ll even nicely cure in that time. Try using multiple small jars to avoid exposing the entire amount to the air every time you open it to use some.