ForumCategory: GeneralHow can I determine my plants gender?
Indica Sativa asked 2 weeks ago

How can i sex my plant?

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Weed List Staff answered 2 weeks ago

The male cannabis plant has the ability to produce pollen that will pollinate the flowers of the female plants that are in the crop and this will cause the female to produce seeds. The male cannabis plant usually will be tall without stems, few branches and few leaves. When the ganja plant is entering flowering, the male will have little balls with no hairs where a bud would develop at the tips of the branches. The male is usually harvested prior to pollination when in a crop unless it is used for breeding.

This is one thing that most growers do not want and will take any males out of the crop, because the un-pollinated female buds will continue to grow and produce a higher content of THC. These female marijuana plants that are not pollinated are called sinsemilla.

female cannabis plantThe female marijuana plant will be evident when it is in the flowering stage, at the ends of the branches buds will appear that are covered with fine white hairs. When not pollinated the buds will become covered with the sticky resin that is THC and there is the characteristic V shaped pistils.

The difference between the male and female cannabis plant will be seen in the male approximately three weeks before the female plant. There are also some books and literature that explain different ways to change the environment and other things to decide the sex of the plants prior to aging.

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