Sour Diesel is one of those strains that everyone has heard of; and with good reason! The majority of people who have smoked Sour Diesel (sometimes referred to as Sour D), report that the strain makes them feel outgoing, happy, and relives any pain they were experiencing beforehand. Back in 2006 the potent sativa strain was even awarded the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup.

I have the pleasure of knowing a patient who has a medicinal marijuana growing license, so I got to watch this beautiful plant sprout from tiny seeds and grow up to be 5 – 6 feet tall.

These 90% sativa plants’ leaves started to turn a deep purple during their blooming stage and it was really amazing to see in person! Near the end of their blooming stage, the buds on the Sour Diesel plants had to be held up string as they had gotten too big for their thin trunk to support their weight!

Once the buds were dry and ready to be smoked, they were lightweight, loose and easy to chop up. When smoking the Sour Diesel strain, it starts to affect you almost as soon as you’ve exhaled. My chronic back pain is relieved almost instantly after just a few puffs of Sour Diesel. I often feel giggly for no apparent reason, and less socially awkward. I don’t necessarily think the smoke tastes like diesel, but it definitely has a bite to it, and the buds are quite pungent.

As someone who takes pharmaceutical drugs for both depression and anxiety, I can definitely attest to the fact that Sour Diesel is a great plant to relieve depression and anxiety’s negative symptoms!

Sour Diesel allows the brain to see things in a positive light. When I smoke Sour Diesel I feel alert and aware of my six senses. Small orange hairs cover the buds, and the ones that fall to the bottom of the bag seem to be really potent. I enjoy smoking the little hairs more than the buds themselves!

I’ve heard people who’ve smoked Sour Diesel say that they get the munchies from the strain, but for me, sativas like Sour Diesel have never made me feel hungry. I do, however, get an extremely dry mouth if I don’t have a glass of water on hand after smoking Sour Diesel. But my thirst is easily quenchable and the positive effects of Sour Diesel far outweigh the one slightly annoying effect. Overall, Sour Diesel is one of my favorite cannabis sativa strains and I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from depression!

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