7 Simple Tips to Growing Marijuana

2018 marks a big year for pot users as Canada nears legalization in the near future. Every province will have its own laws regarding growing pot. For instance Ontario will allow up to 4 small cannabis plants. Weed List provides a wealth of information on growing marijuana as well as growing equipment and hundreds of cannabis seeds to choose from. Here are 7 simple tips if you plan on growing marijuana.

1) Take the time to learn as much as you can.  Knowledge is power.  Don’t just plop some seeds in some dirt under a single light and expect to grow marijuana.  The internet has numerous resources on growing marijuana. Weed List has a whole resource dedicated to growing marijuana, so read up and know what you’re getting into.  Remember, the end product is a direct result of the work you put into it.

2) Ensure proper genetics; buy quality seeds.  The best marijuana comes from strains bred by professionals.  You can find quality cannabis seeds here on Weed List.  Sure, you can grow marijuana from bagseed, but in the end, well-known marijuana strains are usually much higher quality.  Also, if you know exactly what strain you are growing, you have a better knowledge of what to expect in terms of height, care, and yield.

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3) Don’t skip out on lighting.  Marijuana plants need a significant amount of light to grow up strong and produce great buds.  Make sure you have enough lights for the number of plants you are growing, and make sure you have the right kind of lights.  As I discuss in the grow guide, you will need blue-spectrum lights for the vegetative stage and red-spectrum lights for the flowering stage.  You will also need a timer to ensure that the day-night periods are just right.

Cannabis Lighting4) Do not over water.  This is a very common mistake made by novice growers.  You should only be watering your plants when you can press your finger into the soil and feel that it is dry, not damp.  You should also try to keep the soil moist, not wet.  Your plants are better designed to handle a dry-spell than a torrential flood, so keep a lookout for slow growth and drooping leaves as these can be a sign of overwatering.

5) Don’t over fertilize.  It is better to use no fertilizer at all than to use too much.  A lot of novice growers seem to operate under the notion that more is better, but too much fertilizer will actually burn the plants and will hurt the final crop.  There is an optimal amount of fertilizer to use and it is usually listed on the product.  Do not use any more than directed, err on the side of less fertilizer.  Also, stop fertilizing approximately 1-2 weeks before harvesting to get the best-tasting marijuana.

6) Stay clean.  Cleanliness might not seem very important for growing marijuana, but the cleaner you and your equipment are while you work in your garden, the better chance you have of growing high quality marijuana.  Wash your hands before handling any seeds or plants.  Nicotine is much more toxic to marijuana plants than it is to you, so don’t smoke around your plants.  Use your head and don’t let your filth kill your plants!

7) Take your time; don’t rush it.  If you want the best yield of the highest quality marijuana you can get, you need to take your time.  A full grow should take around 3 months.  Don’t try to speed up the growing time by leaving the lights on 24 hours a day during the vegetative period.  Do not harvest too early, and when you do harvest, only quick dry a small amount of the crop.  Properly drying and curing your buds will provide you with the highest quality product you can get, so just do it.  You’ll be glad you did.  Take great care of your plants, and they will someday return the favor.

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